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Vaccine Development

We offer a range of assays for the testing and development of new and effective vaccines. Learn more about our vaccine development services today.

Providing-world class operational expertise, logistical infrastructure, and the scientific rigor needed to effectively characterize, research, and treat infectious diseases as they emerge.

We deploy an expert global team who can utilize their experience, knowledge, and the best technologies available to accelerate clinical trials to ultimately reduce the burden of infectious disease. We do this empowered by our people, science, and technology and infrastructure.

Vaccine Development

Throughout the years  Cerba Research established an impressive track record by supporting studies in all phases of vaccine development, with innovative pre-clinical models and customized clinical models. A wide range of assays are available to test vaccine safety, efficacy, immune toxicology and pharma kinetics.

The latest integrated laboratory techniques allow for high-through put analysis. Our assay portfolio includes:

• Best in class molecular assays: Quantitative Real Time PCR and Next, Gen Sequencing
• State of the art immunological assays,including antibody and cell mediated immunity assays (ELISPOT, flow cytometry)
• High quality serology
• Novel research techniques including the in-house developed VirospotTM

your partner in vaccine development

At Cerba Research, we offer a range of virology /immunology and molecular diagnostic assays for the testing and development of new and effective vaccines. We can carry out the necessary laboratory analysis of clinical samples and analyze the results on your behalf, reporting these results back to you in formats that comply with the requirements of regulatory authorities, such as the FDA and EMA.

With extensive experience in analyzing complex datasets, including next-generation sequencing, we are proud to offer customized solutions to streamline and enhance your data reporting process for vaccination testing.

Through extensive collaboration with diagnostic and (bio)pharmaceutical companies in the field of molecular testing regarding new vaccines (Rotavirus, HPV), we can help enhance the clinical vaccine development.

Experience With Relevant Viral Diseases

We have distinct experience with viral targets such as:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Hepatitis viruses (HBV and HCV)
  • HIV
  • Herpesviruses (CMV, EBV, VZV, HSV)
  • Respiratory infections (RSV, Rhinovirus and Influenza virus)
  • Polio
  • SARS-CoV
  • SARS-CoV-2

And other targets, including:

  • Rabies
  • MERS
  • Hmpv
  • Dengue
  • Chickungunya
  • VZV

A unique footprint in South Africa

Our South African facilities and capabilities have been established for over 25 years. With offices in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg we are uniquely positioned to respond to emerging trends in Infectious Disease, on the African continent.  Collaborating with Government Health Agencies, Not for Profit, and Clinical Research Organisations from routine testing to specialized testing includes:

  • Safety Laboratory
  • PBMC Processing
  • Speciality Molecular Testing
  • Tuberculosis P3 Laboratory
  • Biobanking Facility

Our People

Our global team has extensive infectious disease experience with dedicated project management capabilities. We pride ourselves on being client-focused, proactive and transparent with scientist to scientist communication. We work hard to understand your challenges and tailor solutions to your scientific questions. 


Our scientific capabilities are vast. They cover, but are not limited to., speciality testing cutting edge assay development, virology and molecular testing. pre-clinical including invitro/animal modelling NGS Molecular diagnostics and molecular biology, and technology transfer of assays. We also offer a full suite of virology, immunology, molecular and customized assays and have a track record in influenza, SARS-CoV-2, RSV, HBV, Polio, HPV, CMV serology microbiome analysis, and cell-mediated immunity assay including flow cytometry with intracellular cytokine staining. 

Logistics & Process

Our logistics and processes support spans BSL3 & BSL2 facilities, GAP III compliant polio facilities, our network of processing Labs across 5 continents USA, and biobanking and biospecimen solutions to facilitate IVD registration and assay development. We also have the largest global PBMC & processing laboratory network with state of the art processing, ensuring the highestquality expertise in building bespoke virology test kits and providing training to end users 

Infectious Disease Highlights

We’re part of operation Warp Speed NIH contract and have supported not for profit organisations & government vaccine trials conducted by the Africa CEPI Alliance. 

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Part of Operation Warp Speed

Working with Government & Not-For-Profit Organizations

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Deep operational expertise conducting clinical trials in Africa

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Patient Identification

Supporting RWE and Epidemiology studies

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