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Constitutional Genomic

Constitutional DNA is the source of DNA for all other cells in the body; it’s also known as germline DNA (egg and sperm cells that join to create an embryo)  

Cerba Reserach Is Your Partner For You Whole Genome And Whole Exome Sequencing Needs!

Constitutional (germline) variants are present in all the body’s cells, including germ cells (egg and sperm cells), and can therefore be passed onto  offspring . This is as opposed to somatic variants which are arising during an individual’s lifetime in tissues other than the germ cells and are therefore not passed on. 

Cerba Research is proud to offer whole genome and whole exome sequencing as follows: 

  • A whole exome sequencing with 22,000 genes. 
  • Clinical exome sequencing with 6,000 genes, including SNPs, CNVs, and indels. 
  • 100+ panels for your rare disorder clinical trial. 
  • Possibility to have any custom panel for whole exome sequencing by informatics filtering. 

Our 100+ panels can cover for a large amount of rare hereditary disorders, such as: 

  • Chronic granulomatous disease comprehensive panel 
  • Neutropenia comprehensive panel 
  • Immunodeficiency comprehensive median consensus panel 
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome comprehensive panel 
  • Marfan syndrome comprehensive panel 
  • Connective tissue disorders comprehensive panel 
  • Familial hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia comprehensive panel 
  • Hearing loss comprehensive panel 
  • Monogenic diabetes comprehensive panel 
  • Hyperinsulinism hypoglycemia comprehensive panel 
  • Monogenic obesity comprehensive panel 
  • Bone marrow failure comprehensive panel 
  • Optic atrophy comprehensive panel 
  • Macular dystrophy comprehensive panel 
  • Nephrotic syndrome comprehensive panel 
  • Skin disease comprehensive panel 
  • Neuromuscular disorders comprehensive panel 
  • Epilepsy comprehensive panel 
  • Hereditary pancreatitis comprehensive panel 
  • And more… 
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Don’t hesitate to contact us for your constitutional genomic inquiries!

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